What Is Meaning? And How to Create a More Meaningful Life

Although the inability to make sense of your life can detract from the experience of meaning, simply making sense of it doesn’t necessarily mean that life will feel meaningful. It is easy, for example, to think of an individual who possesses a cynical belief about how their life has unfolded. This how to create meaning in life worldview may help the individual make sense of their situation and life more broadly, but it seems unlikely to foster the belief that their life is full of meaning. This example illustrates how meaning is not simply about “connecting the dots” but also finding beauty in the picture that emerges.

how to create meaning in life

However, the second variation of this question – how we find meaning in life – is psychological and of more interest to us. If you have ever had this thought, then take comfort that you are not alone. There is ample anecdotal evidence that people are looking for ways to live a more meaningful life. One day you’ll feel like you’re so close to finding purpose, and others, it’ll feel impossibly out of reach. Career questionnaires help pinpoint jobs that might provide you with success and happiness. You may look to others and think about how they’ve found meaning in life.


Life can pass us all too quickly if we are not willing to embrace the experiences and remain grounded in the present moment, which is a true blessing. Do not allow yourself to reflect back on your past or hope for a better future since that takes away from the beauty that is the NOW. Note that working on our values and strengths as well as engaging in activities that bring contribution to others (discussed below) all contribute to our purpose as well. You can think of these concepts as interrelated where a change in one possibly affects the other. For example, you may feel a sense of incomprehensibility after experiencing trauma or, counterintuitively, trying too hard to understand why your life has meaning. Although such experiences may lead the self to feel small in the context of vastness, they may also remind us that we belong to that vastness—that we are an indelible part of the wider universe in which we exist.

In other words, purpose can guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, as well as create meaning. Of course, without a sense of purpose, it is hard to find meaning. Also, at times, whatever our purpose is, it may have no meaning at all. The idea is to use the fantasized ideal future to deduce goals and formulate a strategy to reach these goals. Finally, participants commit to their intentions by having a photo taken to accompany their goal statement, which is then made public.

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You find the intersection point between what you’re good at, what you’re interested in, what you believe the world needs, and what you’d like to share with people. Find the intersection point between what you’re good at, what you’re interested in, what you believe the world needs, and what you’d like to share with people (as a means of serving others and doing something bigger than yourself). And through that purpose, you bring meaning to what you do. If you find meaning in what you do, you will find the devotion to commit to it and you will build the discipline to show up and do the work for it. If you can connect to a deep-rooted why you will find a deep well of resilience to keep going no matter how difficult the journey becomes.

how to create meaning in life

Or your journey could start by stepping out the door and connecting with a neighbor, making a newfound friend, or starting a hobby you have wanted to explore but never got around to. If you are filled with questions about what you should do https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/how-to-rebuild-your-life-after-addiction-how-to-regain-trust/ with your life and what really matters, then the Uncover Your Purpose worksheet is for you. It has several tough questions, but if you can answer them honestly and comprehensively, it will shine a light on the path you are meant to follow.

Are You Striving For Coherence?

If some of the strategies do not work for you, try another suggestion from the list. Selfless service is often discovered to be the ultimate pinnacle of having a meaningful life, and many intriguing conversations with service workers, nurses, aid workers, and volunteers illustrate how they enjoy a meaningful life by serving others. Finding meaning in life is a journey that could start with something as simple as a pen and paper, deep reflection, and one of our tools mentioned above.

Figuring out what gives your life meaning, means self-reflecting on the different aspects of your life and how they come together to make your life meaningful. Fill your life with people who support you and give you a sense of belonging, chase after your dreams, be present in all that you do and find joy in the little things. These are just a few of the ways that you can add meaning to your life. Make a list of those things in your life which take up your valuable energy and resources but do not deliver the same level of joy, fulfillment and happiness. Do not be persuaded by what you should be doing as since it is a simple choice that brings you closer towards happiness or pulls you further away.

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Keeping this mentality will benefit many areas of your life. Avoid being overwhelmed by breaking it down into smaller categories. Here’s what finding your life purpose means and how you can achieve it. When you’re about to graduate high school, you’re tasked with finding how you’re going to live the rest of your life. When I was in college, I used to walk around and ask people, “If you had a year to live, what would you do?

How do you create your own meaning?

  1. Foster a passion (purpose)
  2. Develop and foster social relationships (purpose, significance)
  3. Relationships that increase your sense of belonging (significance)
  4. Monitor your mood (coherence)
  5. Take control of your environment (coherence)
  6. Make time for friends, family, and social events.

Try to find people who are also learning this language and watch a film in that language together. Try to find a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy the same interest that you do. Expressing why you enjoy the hobby helps to build and strengthen positive associations with the hobby. These positive aging traits and attitudes, coupled with the few negative traits, act as a protective buffer against depression, illness, and loneliness (Jopp, Park, Lehrfeld, & Paggi, 2016; Keyes, 2000), and contribute to the longevity of centenarians.

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