What is a White-Label Merchant?

Depending on the fees charged when a user withdraws cash at an ATM or purchases something, you can create multiple revenue streams for your company. Instead, you are spending money you loaded in the special prepaid card account in advance. No further payments or overdrafts are possible once you spend everything up until you top up your card. Companies with a large number of employees, as well as modern gig platforms need reliable, fast, and most convenient payment tools to perform a variety of financial transactions. Instant issuance of personalized virtual cards for various purposes.

white label debit card

Cardholders want to be able to pay anytime, anywhere and any way they choose. Our Discover® Digital Exchange solution streamlines mobile payment enablement and tokenization services for secure, convenient payments. Enhance the experience for your customers or cardholders with future-readied payment solutions that can flex to fit your unique needs. Watch this space for more updates as we roll out more features to accelerate financial product innovation.

What are the cons of co-branded cards?

We provide our enterprise clients with first-hand data and information to help them deploy and grow their own programs using our technology. There are certain limitations on the types of cards that can be processed. We currently process through the Visa and Mastercard networks only. The following is a guide on how you’re able to use the Card Processing API to accept payments within your application.

white label debit card

Up to 300 virtual card free of charge, and if you have a larger organization then each additional virtual card is just € 0.35 per card per month. These cards can be integrated into your e-wallet, and used to pay over a wide range of networks such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and so on. When you open your Wallester account, the card account is opened in euros; however, you can make payments in any currency. You can top up the account balance using IBAN details, and then make a transfer from any bank operating in the European Economic Area and Great Britain. Creating and issuing cards is an expensive and time-consuming process for businesses, both big and small.

Payments cards for financial institutions and fintech startups

When processing our clients’ data we strictly adhere to the data protection principles of the General Data Protection Regulation . We believe that the protection of our clients’ and their end-users’ data is fundamental to our mission — helping build a better internet. Corefy is a universal feature-rich payment orchestration platform for online businesses and payment institutions. We integrate payment providers and acquirers all around the world to bring a unified communication control and management interface. An affinity card is similar to a co-branded card because it also involves two parties, one of which is a financial institution.

white label debit card

White label solutions allow your FinTech company to use reloadable debit cards here and now without having to spend the time and money building them from scratch. If you want to get a virtual card accessed through mobile phones that will serve you to make online payments or a physical card primarily used for in-person spending, Crassula will assist you in doing so. As mentioned above, there are many different ways that white label merchants come into play. However, the most popular ones today revolve around offering payment options for eCommerce stores so that they don’t need to set up their own infrastructure.


Also, because they handle all of the technical details behind the scenes, you can focus on growing your store by selling stuff rather than worrying about getting paid. With that being said, however, when comparing pricing structures across different white label providers, it pays to shop around and find the best deal possible. Some providers might be willing to cut you a better rate if you commit to a long term agreement where you agree to buy lots of https://xcritical.com/ goods in bulk, whereas others might prefer that you stick to smaller orders. And although you should always negotiate the lowest fee possible, it’s important to remember that every dollar saved counts towards helping your bottom line grow. Shifting the status quo and exploring a brand-new financial system for your company has the potential to completely revolutionize your fintech and make life easier for every single one of your relevant employees.

  • Similar to its namesake, a white mastercard is essentially just a version of a regular credit card that comes with a specific name printed on it.
  • Tap into our payments expertise for guidance navigating your program—from start to launch and beyond.
  • Co-branded cards provide benefits for both the retailer and the cardholder.
  • For example, there are co-branded cards that offer benefits to travellers, sports fans, and even pet owners.

As always, connect with us below to learn more about how innovative card programs and scalable features can power your financial product or fintech program. You will also be able to launch all kinds of rewards programs, such as customer loyalty bonuses and points. Every single one of them has ID encryption, which allows you to track all customers’ spending and analyze the acquired data to increase loyalty and deliver better offers. Our white-label solution allows merchants to gain a clear insight into their customers’ features to offer their client base a platform and service package relevant to its needs.

D Secure verification

Given the clear customer preferences for payment cards, credit and debit cards are thus unlikely to disappear anytime soon. White label debit cards can be used by financial institutions as a way to offer their customers a branded payment card without having to invest in the infrastructure and technology needed to issue cards themselves. This can be a cost-effective solution for smaller financial institutions.

Hydrogen orchestrates the bank, network, ACH, KYC, IAV, & tokenization features. Our debit network PULSE offers a range of white label payment gateway solutions for issuers, acquirers and businesses. Secure In-Store Transactions Protect cards and mobile in-store payments.

API-Driven Card Issuance

It will take you about 15 business days to go from an idea to a fully operational fintech company with the help of our professionals. There is no need to search for developers or strike up partnerships to bring the new banking product to market. Thanks to white-label possibilities, someone can do the hard work for you.

Direct Deposit Accounts

The extent of the growth since the first card was created in 1920 has been staggering. Some three billion credit cards are now circulating the world payment system. Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google pay are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a more convenient and secure way to make payments. White label debit cards can be integrated with these digital wallets and can be used for payments with a mobile device or smartwatch. A white label payment gateway lets merchants offer services like Paypal or Dwolla on their website using their own brand name. This can be extremely useful for small business owners who don’t have time to learn complex coding languages or set up web servers.

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